Spills Training

Course Name: Spills & Spill Kits
Duration: 0.5 Day
Certificate valid For: 2 Years

Our in-house courses are bespoke,  therefore we would welcome any opportunity to discuss OTC training in more detail and potentially explore how we can support your organisation’s growth and development objectives.

Please feel free to contact us at 01472 801756 or bookings@otc-grimsby.co.uk  to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Course Description

Spills & spill kit training aims to teach you best practices when:

  • Handling spillages of hazardous liquids
  • Preventing spillages
  • How to use the equipment safely
  • Knowledge of the potential risks associated with hazardous spills.

Spills can pose a large risk to people and the environment. A spill kit contains various absorbent items that can be used when there is a leak or spillage of a hazardous liquid. They are designed to limit the spill from spreading further and help start a clean-up process.

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